CVSA’s annual driver-focused enforcement blitz a month out

Operation Safe Driver Week, an annual enforcement spree put on by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, is set this year for July 15-21. During the weeklong blitz, enforcers will be focusing on traffic violations, seat belt enforcement, driver roadside inspections and driver regulatory compliance. CVSA says driver behavior is the cause of more than 88 percent of large truck crashes and 93 percent of passenger vehicle crashes. Read more

Young replaces Schroeder at the AHAA

Guy Young has replaced Bill Schroeder as general manager of the Auto Haulers Association of America (AHAA). The association represents the interests of finished vehicle carriers in the US and currently has more than 85 car carrier members (with almost 9,000 trucks between them) and around 35 suppliers. Young has a trucking and association leadership background. He was previously president and CEO of the Kentucky Trucking Association, and prior to that vice-president of the Georgia Motor Trucking Association for 22 years. He also spent 12 years with an Atlanta-based petroleum carrier earlier in his career. Read more

Which drivers are more likely to quit: Millennials or Gen X?

Are younger drivers, especially “Millennials” born in the 1980s, more likely to change jobs early on than middle-age drivers? The answer, according to new research by Stay Metrics, may not fit with pre-conceived notions. Stay Metrics is a provider of evidence-based driver feedback, engagement, training, and retention solutions for the transportation industry. Its new study comes as motor carriers are looking for ways to ease the driver shortage, estimated by the American Trucking Associations to be 50,000 with the potential of reaching 174,000 over the next decade. Read more

Is driving without drivers the future of trucking?

With driver turnover rates bumping 90 percent last year, shippers could find only one available truck for every 12 outbound loads — the lowest ratio in 13 years, according to DAT Solutions. As carriers fight for enough humans to keep trucks moving, the evolution of automation has put truck driving in an interesting place. How much longer will a human driver be necessary? Read more