AHAA in the news-US car carriers: Driven to deliver

The US car market is forecast to contract slightly over the next two to three years, with sales set to fall from a high of 17.8m this year to around 16.3m in 2019, according to figures from industry analyst PwC. As OEMs cope with swelling inventory, the car carrier sector faces some difficult questions over excess capacity built up over a seven-year period of growth and investment. But a drop in new vehicle sales is likely to be more than compensated for by a rise in the movement of used vehicles, which account for the majority of business for many car carriers. Read more

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway acquiring majority stake in Pilot Flying J truck stops

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett struck a deal to eventually acquire control of truck-stop chain Pilot Flying J in a move that will preserve the company's Tennessee headquarters and leadership. The deal will mark the end of the Haslam family's control of Pilot Flying J, which has more than 27,000 employees, 750 locations and $20 billion in revenue. Read more

Bracing for Uber’s impact: How worried should your fleet be about market disruptors?

The “sharing economy,” loosely defined as peer-to-peer transactional systems for goods and services, has upended traditional industries across the globe. Last month, rideshare industry giant Uber launched its long-awaited Uber Freight, bringing with it the potential for disruption in the way carriers and owner-operators bid on and move freight in the future.     Read more

COLD FIRE: A Dramatic Success Without Dramatization

Last December, Dixon Auto Transport driver, Mike Wehling, was traveling on a rural Texas road when he noticed his passenger side drive tire was on fire.  He grabbed his new Cold Fire Tactical extinguisher and ran around to the side of the truck.  By this point, the tire had exploded and flames were shooting six to seven feet in the air.  He deployed the extinguisher, and, in a matter of seconds, the fire was extinguished.  Fire Success Story - Final Read more