House advances bill that would block reforms to 30-minute break in HOS regs

The House has moved a step closer to passing a bill that could impact the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration‘s attempts to alter portions of federal hours of service regulations. Tucked into a budget bill that cleared the House’s Appropriations Committee on Tuesday is a provision that would, in effect, protect the 30-minute break within current hours regs. The bill, a Transportation, Housing and Urban Development (THUD) appropriations bill for the 2020 fiscal year, would prohibit FMCSA from eliminating the 30-minute break. As reported by CCJ last month, the bill could set up a clash between lawmakers and regulators at FMCSA. It’s still unknown whether FMCSA’s hours proposal will attempt to remove or alter the 30-minute break requirement, but it was a key topic of consideration in last year’s public debate on hours regs.