Award-winning TV personality turns fleet operator

March 7, 2021

So what led a four-time Emmy award winning journalist to go into trucking?

In a word: Necessity. Grant Stinchfield, host of Stinchfield on conservative cable news outlet Newsmax, explained that he was reporting on jack-knifed trucks and other traffic issues during an ice storm on the High Five Interchange in Dallas “while the Super Bowl was in town” when reality came to call.

“I was making a pretty decent living, working for the NBC station,” Stinchfield said. “And I said, this model does not work for them – for them to be paying me money that they are paying me. I better go find something else to do because you remember in 2011, the economy was in the tank and I figured I’d better go find something else to do before they make me go find something else to do, so I bought an oil change business.”