Cargo theft activity expected to pick up around July 4

June 29, 2020

Cargo theft recording firm SensiGuard has released a warning to fleets and truck drivers to be prepared for increased cargo theft activity during the extended Independence Day weekend.

The firm says that with July 4 falling on Saturday, many shippers and receivers will be closed either Friday and/or Monday in observance of the holiday, which could result in longer stage times and lower security staffing.

In the July 4 holiday periods from 2015-2019, SensiGuard recorded 2.9 thefts per day across the country with an average loss value of $215,130, which is a theft rate 39% higher and a loss value 43% higher than the rest of the year. Arkansas (+219%), North Carolina (+147%), Texas (+49%), Ontario (+72%), and Tennessee (+91%) all had significantly higher theft rates during the holiday weekend than throughout the year.