Hiring drivers in difficult times

November 28, 2021

Last year, truck drivers finally started getting the recognition they deserve from the public. From #thankatrucker hashtags to people buying meals for drivers at truck stops to a simple thank you on the street, drivers earned praise, recognition and celebration from the public for what seemed like the first time since BJ and the Bear was on TV.

For companies that employ drivers, though, the importance of great drivers is nothing new. Truck drivers move 71% of all goods in the United States. They keep the supply chain moving and make sure food and products stay on shelves. Deliveries continue to be made and medical workers get the PPE they need.

Although they were essential throughout the pandemic, COVID-19 caused many drivers to take early retirement, leave the workforce or stay home to avoid the virus (or worse, stay home because of the virus). The American Trucking Associations (ATA) noted that many truck driving schools closed during the