Lessons from tipped beef: Florida court provides major guidance on cargo claim issues

December 7, 2021

During the week of Aug. 23, a Florida federal court issued an extensive 59-page opinion and order in a five-year saga over a cargo claim involving a truckload of beef that shifted in transit. The decision in Scotlynn USA Division v. Titan Trans provides guidance on important legal issues for the trucking industry.

The Players: The motor carrier was Titan Trans. The shipper was FPL Foods in Georgia. The receiver was Cargill’s meat processing plant in Wisconsin. The broker was Scotlynn USA Division, who brought the lawsuit against Titan Trans.

The Shipment: On September 21, 2016, a driver for Titan Trans picked up a full truckload of fresh beef from FPL’s facility in Georgia for delivery to Cargill’s processing facility in Wisconsin. Scotlynn USA Division, who had a contract with Cargill, brokered the load.