Soza Trucking builds solid foundation in car haul

October 6, 2021

Soza Trucking small fleet owner-operator C.G. Soza of Atwater, California, believes any owner-operator seeking to find a good home with a carrier or to build his/her own carrier business strives to locate or produce three central qualities.

  1. It should be a freight niche whose work you fundamentally enjoy doing, with:
  2. Nothing in the way of dishonest dealing, unnecessary work or games played at the level of compensation, and:
  3. Delivering an income that will support you and your family the way you want.

Today, he’s found those qualities by building them from scratch with a car-hauling business operating mostly out of and back into his home state that’s experienced fourfold growth since he bought out half of a partner’s business – their relationship went south – and he struck out on his own again in 2018.