Women in Motion relaunched as ATA Council

January 18, 2024

The American Trucking Associations on Wednesday relaunched its Women in Motion program an ATA Council.

ATA said the move will allow “for women across the trucking and transportation industry to join a dynamic and growing community focused on professional development and mentorship.”

“Since its inception, Women in Motion has been focused on promoting the role of women in the trucking industry,” said ATA COO Sarah Rajtik, co-chair of Women in Motion. “With this transition, we are hoping to capitalize on the work we’ve already done to reach a much larger group – creating more opportunities for women to connect and empower one another in order to make this great industry better for everyone.”

Members of WIM are eligible to receive a number of exclusive benefits, including:

  • Access to the WIM electronic yearbook
  • Quarterly newsletters with special articles written by WIM members, upcoming events and ways to get involved
  • Action alerts with legislative updates
  • Member pricing on products, courses, events and more
  • Priority placement when WIM Speakers’ Bureau speaker requests are submitted
  • Access to WIM networking events at ATA meetings
  • WIM ribbon at ATA events
  • Eligible for any WIM awards
  • Corporate members are listed on WIM website with link to company webpage
  • Corporate members received a special logo that they can use to identify themselves as affiliates

“By re-launching WIM as an ATA Council, we hope to create a community of like-minded women in this industry,” said Iowa Motor Truck Association President and CEO Brenda Neville, co-chair of Women in Motion. “I encourage any woman in this industry – from drivers to technicians and dispatchers to the C-suite – to come join us as we work to shape the future of this industry – breaking down barriers and paving the way for a new era of inclusivity and leadership in trucking.”